Mesa Verde Ranch is the inspiration behind The Heritage Group’s vision. It is the Rabon family ranch that has been shared with the Alamogordo community for years in the form of recreational events and formal functions. It has been the family’s way of giving back and sharing their heritage.

The history of the ranch starts with the Harvey Family of Mesilla, New Mexico. The Mesa Verde Ranch, as it is known today, was purchased by the Harvey’s in the early 1900’s from several different families within Otero County, New Mexico. It was then purchased in 1996 by the Rabon family to create the 13,000-acre ranch of today.

The Mesa Verde Ranch is an operational cattle ranch with an excellent breeding program, running approximately 150 mother cows year round. The cattle are mostly Black Brangus cows and Red Hereford Bulls. The calving season starts in the early spring with an annual branding normally in late April. The calves are weaned in the early fall completing the cycle and sold from the ranch.

This desert ranch provides many different types of feed for the cattle and horses to include grasses, brush, and Mesquite, just to name a few.

The ranch is home to approximately 10 head of gelded Quarter Horses. These horses are used in the day-to-day operation of the ranch. In their free time, they are seen chasing roping steers down the large arena, adjacent to the barn.

The ranch is watered with a series of wells, pipelines and water troughs, located throughout the property.

The ranch is home to a large variety of wildlife including Deer, Oryx, Mountain Lions, Bobcats, Coyotes, Badgers, Rabbits and Quail.

The Mesa Verde Ranch and Rabon brothers have received a number of awards for their efforts as they continue to promote the “Ranching Way of Life” through education and conservation, including:

  • Men of the Year 2004
    New Mexico Cowbelles

  • Outstanding Conservationist
    For outstanding accomplishments in the
    “Conservation of Soil and Water
    Resources 2003”

Now that The Heritage Group is developing the adjacent lands and creating the master plan community of Mesa Village, more families can call this extraordinary desert destination home as well.