One of the most celebrated events that define the ranch is the youth development program called, “A Day at the Ranch.” Each year 800 young minds descend on the quiet arroyos and grasslands. The purpose of their journey is to learn the decade old traditions and explore the aspects of modern food production.

Participants in “A Day at the Ranch” see the workings of the ranch first hand. By rotating groups of participants through a series of 12-minute curriculum intensive stations, children get the maximum education, while maintaining their attention. Topics include cattle types and purposes, horse saddling and care, ranch horseshoeing, animal by-products, roping, 4-H, and the favorite, cowboy attire. The attendees are the 4th grade students of Otero County.

Events such as this educational festival and other traditional gatherings make a difference in the lives of children and their families. For this reason, the Rabon family is very dedicated to the Mesa Verde Ranch and the community they call home. Make sure and visit the Calendar of Events to stay apprised of the many exciting opportunities to experience this special place first hand.